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From the Farm to Our Clients’ Tables

When COVID-19 hit back in March 2020, Hudson & Charles was unsure how the pandemic would affect their two brick-and-mortar butcher shops in Manhattan. In an unexpected turn of events, their sales started booming as people once again began to rely on local businesses to purchase their food. As the longevity of the pandemic settled in, business began to plateau and the shop was left with an excess of ground beef and chicken bones. Having worked with God’s Love in the past, resourceful owners, j. and Kevin, reached out to Chef Daniel Metzger in hopes that he could put this food to good use. When members of the God’s Love kitchen cooked a chicken pot pie using the bone broth from Hudson and Charles, they were blown away by the flavor and immediately reached out to secure more product from them. From this day on, a partnership was born.

Every two weeks, the team from Hudson & Charles donates about 1,000 pounds of meat and bones to the God’s Love headquarters. Their product is used in some of our most delicious client meals, such as our braised beef ragu and crustless chicken pot pie. What sets Hudson & Charles apart is their commitment to the humane treatment of animals and their support of family-owned farms. Owners, j. and Kevin, stand firm in their beliefs of conscious consumption and sustainable farming. That’s why the farms they work with, like Autumn’s Harvest Farm, are hormone-free, carbon neutral, and use swallows for bug control. We are thrilled that so much of the meat we cook and deliver to our clients comes from an Upstate NY farm and is lovingly delivered from just up the street. We love our community and couldn’t continue to improve and serve more clients every year without your help. Thank you for your support and for being the best neighbors we could ask for!

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