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God’s Love Partners with Ronald McDonald House New York to Provide Medically Tailored Meals to Children with Pediatric Cancer and their Families

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Ronald McDonald House New York (RMH-NY), a leading temporary housing center for pediatric cancer patients and their families. God’s Love and RMH-NY share the mission of creating a supportive and nurturing environment for individuals living with severe and chronic illnesses, as well as for their families and caretakers. This new partnership puts this mission into practice through the delivery of nutritious meals, free of charge to the families staying at the House.

Since it is also vital that patients eat before long days of treatment, the new partnership also includes “Breakfast To Go,” in which God’s Love-delivered kits including various breakfast foods for families and sick children are made available to take on the go on their way to an RMH-NY partner hospital to receive treatment.

A catalyst for this program is the two organizations’ shared commitment to addressing social determinants of health, the economic and social conditions that influence individual and group differences in health status. Providing medically tailored meals involves healthy food that is appropriate for not just a patient’s condition, but also any medications or secondary health diagnoses without requiring the energy of cooking and preparing. Through medically tailored meals and housing, this partnership addresses social, housing, health and nutrition needs all with one intervention.

The partnership aims to fill a need for the individuals who have special nutritional requirements or those who may miss meals with the House’s robust Meal Program due to treatment schedules. The Meal Program provides for thousands of guests each year, and the medically tailored meals from God’s Love will supplement the program so that each and every family can feel secure in the accessibility and quality of their food. God’s Love will also provide weekly tailored meals to guests in RMH-NY’s post-transplant suites, where children who have undergone a transplant must be kept in complete isolation for a minimum of 90 days. Families live in the suites as well, and they are the only six of their kind outside of a hospital setting in New York City.

Another aspect of God’s Love and RMH-NY’s mission involves caring for family members as well as patients, as both organizations have a keen understanding of how illness impacts the entire family. Returning to Ronald McDonald House in the evening after a stressful day in the hospital, parents will have one less thing to worry about and don’t have to deal with meal expenses on top of treatment.

“God’s Love We Deliver is proud to partner with Ronald McDonald House New York, which is such a vital resource for families dealing with the unthinkable stresses of pediatric cancer,” said Karen Pearl, President & CEO of God’s Love. “Medically tailored meals are essential for people living with severe illness, and we’re thrilled to provide our delicious and nutritious meals to our partners at Ronald McDonald House New York. The combined impact of these two organizations supports healthier and happier patients and extends to their families as well.”

“We are very excited and honored to partner with God’s Love We Deliver,” said Ruth Browne, President & CEO of Ronald McDonald House New York. “Research shows that while 20% of a person’s recovery from illness is based on clinical care, 80% is socially determined. These include the social and physical environment, health services, and structural and societal factors. It is the social support that we provide for families and children at Ronald McDonald House New York, and this new partnership will enhance these services.”

To enroll in the God’s Love program, clients and their families must have an in-take appointment with a Client Services Specialist, as well as a nutrition assessment with a  Registered Dietitian Nutritionist to design an individualized meal plan.

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