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God’s Love We Deliver Receives Significant Research Grant from the American Heart Association Health Care by Food™ Initiative

We’re thrilled to share that God’s Love will be collaborating on a significant research grant, from the American Heart Association’s Health Care by Food™ initiative, which is supported by the Rockefeller Foundation among other generous partners.


Led by Nour Makarem at Columbia University, and in partnership with Kelly Naranjo at God’s Love We Deliver, Kamilah Ali at Touro College, and Pricila Mullachery at Temple University, this randomized clinical trial will investigate whether culturally relevant, and interactive cardiovascular health and nutrition interventions, facilitated through Medically Tailored Meal programs, will positively impact short-term health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

This is a major step in our organization’s work to promote Medically Tailored Meals as a common, effective, and necessary social care intervention and we are excited to be part of this amazing multi-institution partnership bringing in expertise in Epidemiology, Implementation Science, Community Engaged methods and more.

This important research will inform future approaches and advocacy efforts to address persistent cardiovascular health inequities among individuals living with food insecurity and multiple cardiometabolic morbidities in New York City and nationally.

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