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Home for Dinner with Volunteer Extraordinaire Bridget Harvey

Bridget Harvey has never been a stranger to giving back. Born in a commune that promoted social justice and community organizing, Bridget was surrounded by people doing whatever they could to help others. Commune life meant living at or below the poverty level. Bridget knows what an uncertain dinner table looks like, and she has spent her entire life helping fill the tables of others.

After graduating from college, Bridget moved to New York City to pursue opera and musical theater. In her early 30’s she became a real estate broker, and continued to create community wherever she went, whether it was on the stage, with potential buyers, or at her local gym.

In 2015, Bridget joined the team at Douglas Elliman. She was recruited by Max Dobens, the founder of the Ride for Love, which is an annual bike ride by Douglas Elliman agents in support of God’s Love. In between real estate sales, Bridget threw herself into the event, and cheered dozens of riders during the Race. A couple of years later, Bridget became Ride Director. There was just one problem: she didn’t know how to ride a bike! Never one to skirt a challenge, she spent her summer learning how to ride with help from the NYC Parks Department, and then participated in the Ride for Love, cycling her first 50-mile ride.

Bridget has found a new sense of belonging and a new community to serve here at God‘s Love. She volunteers every chance she gets. When the pandemic hit, Bridget took on extra volunteer opportunities, walking from her Upper West Side apartment down to our kitchen in SoHo, avoiding trains to get to her shifts – often doing more than one shift a day.

Bridget is a regular at God’s Love, and we couldn’t be more grateful. And her giving doesn’t stop there. In 2016, Bridget launched her #HomeForDinner campaign. As a real estate broker, with each home she sells, she donates funds to feed a family of four for a week. Her team of agents on The Bridget Harvey Team do too. Bridget tells us that this charitable component of her business practice draws people to working with her. There’s a great feeling that comes with receiving the keys to a home AND the knowledge that you’ve helped feed a family.

For Bridget there is something special about community organizing and leading with kindness in order to reach a really big goal. She says, “I am more and more cognizant as I get older that I can make a
donation of $10 or $10,000 but I cannot make a donation of $200,000. But if I organize others, and if I empower others, we can do big things. There’s so much more that we can do when we spread the word.”

Thank you, Bridget, for all the ways you give back to God’s Love! We are honored to have you as one of our best ambassadors and to work alongside you.

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