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Honoring World AIDS Day 2023

On World AIDS Day, we remember those we have lost, and we honor those who are living with HIV.

God’s Love We Deliver was created in the midst of a crisis. In 1985, our founder, Ganga Stone, saw an urgent need. So many gay men had fallen ill, and they had no one to care for them. Our community responded with compassion, as hundreds of volunteers joined this life-affirming work. Ganga and God’s Love were beacons of hope during a very dark time.

What Ganga started 38 years ago lives on today as we continue to serve more than 600,000 meals to nearly 1,500 clients living with AIDS and HIV.  To all our volunteers, supporters, and friends, thank you for being an important part of this work, and thank you for standing with our community. We hope you will take a moment today, and join with us and so many in our community as we reflect on lost loved ones, and honor those who live on.

L: genLOVE Executive Committee member, Vice Chair for Community, Dimitri Moïse and Human Resources Manager, Nate Skaggs

R: Everyone at God's Love lit a remembrance candle in memory of those we have lost

As an organization, we came together to recognize this important day. We were joined by genLOVE Executive Committee member, Vice Chair for Community, Dimitri Moïse, who is a lifelong activist and social entrepreneur dedicated to the liberation of all people through storytelling and transformative justice. Dimitri shared his story as a young professional today living with HIV, the advocacy efforts happening currently on the local, state, and national levels, and the continued impact of HIV today. We thank Dimitri for reminding us that this crisis still very much affects the lives of so many.

Over the past year, we have helped to deliver 611,000 medically tailored meals to 1,496 individuals and caregivers affected by HIV/AIDS. Our shared grief, our love, and our collective action are the ingredients that helped create God’s Love. Our work continues.

6.18.24 / Clients

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