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Improving Carlos’ Health While Providing Support to His Beloved Caregivers

A great caregiver makes a profound difference in the life of a person living with a serious illness. Our client Carlos is 86 years old, and very fortunate to have two caregivers, his daughters Catherine and Emily, who help him manage his diabetes diagnosis. We sat down with Catherine to learn more about how the meals and service from God’s Love have helped their family.  

In Catherine’s Words

Carlos came to New York City from Argentina when he was offered a job as a translator with an airline in the 1960s. Since then, Carlos moved up throughout the company, got married, and had three children with his wife. Although Carlos enjoyed traveling and tasting cuisines from around the world, he never learned how to cook. In more recent years, Carlos developed diabetes and suffered a foot injury that slowed him down. Despite his conditions, Carlos enjoys short walks, sitting with a cup of coffee in a café, and going out to eat lunch or dinner.

Carlos had always lived alone and meticulously managed his diabetes, but after attempting to switch doctors during the COVID-19 pandemic, he was left without a primary care physician or a medication regimen. Although Carlos insisted his diagnosis was under control, his daughters noticed he had stopped returning their calls and often seemed confused.

“We noticed our dad, once a robust 6-foot-tall man, become thin. His chest bones became prominent, and he was often in a general state of confusion. He did not set foot outdoors much for fear of the coronavirus. Also of note is that his confusion would dissipate once we ate a meal together.” -Catherine

They soon learned that Carlos had stopped taking his medications to manage his diabetes. While trying to respect Carlos’ sense of autonomy, his daughters made sure to visit him, bring him groceries, and tidy up his apartment throughout 2020. Despite their best efforts, his health continued to decline. Once Carlos and his daughters received the COVID-19 vaccine in early 2021, they were able to help him find a new physician. After doing a series of exams and tests, the doctor was astounded at Carlos’ high A1C and blood pressure levels. She immediately put him on a series of new medications and emphasized the importance of establishing a healthy diet. That’s when the doctor referred them to God’s Love. After a failed attempt to enroll Carlos in another meal delivery service, Catherine was understandably skeptical. But once she visited the God’s Love website, she felt empowered and impressed that he was able to start receiving meals so quickly.

Carlos now looks forward to enjoying his meals every day while watching his favorite TV programs. Since starting on the God’s Love program, Carlos’ weight has steadily increased. His face is getting fuller, and his bones are less prominent. Most importantly, the fog he seemed to be stuck in has lifted and he is once again lucid. At his most recent checkup, Carlos’ doctor was so impressed with his progress that she pushed back his next check up to February 2022. Catherine and Emily feel a deep sense of gratitude toward God’s Love for ensuring their father has sufficient, nutritious food at his fingertips. In Catherine’s words: “We daughters feel personal gratification every time we open his refrigerator/freezer and see the God’s Love We Deliver meals in there, and to watch how rapidly they disappear. It truly feels like there is another caregiver helping us bear the great responsibility, and honor, of caring for our loved one.”

"[With God's Love] It truly feels like there is another caregiver helping us bear the great responsibility, and honor, of caring for our loved one.” - Catherine

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