5.4.16 / Community

“Kidtrapreneurship” Master Class series with Shake Shack

This week, God’s Love partnered with Shake Shack – Official Page to launch a “Kidtrapreneurship” Master class series aimed at showing NYC middle-schoolers the ABC’s of product development and marketing. Here are some photos from the first day – a tour of God’s Love. Through a series of interactive Master class sessions, taught by real-world media professionals, Kidtrapreneurship participants learned of the meaningful partnership between God’s Love and Shake Shack. The group of students split into four separate teams to launch their own “brownie concrete” product marketing campaigns. Today, Stephen Covello and Emmett Findley from God’s Love joined Cathie Urushibata and Allison Stadd from Shake Shack to act as judges and determine which brownie concrete would proceed to the next round – being the special brownie concrete sold at Shake Shack in June! The special “brownie concrete” will be available June 6-12th, sold exclusively at Midtown East Shak located at 600 Third Avenue. Good food tastes even better when it’s served up for a great cause. In the spirit of conscious capitalism, Shake Shack will donate $2 from every concrete to benefit God’s Love We Deliver. God’s Love would like to thank Rebecca, Danielle, everyone at Shake Shack, and the students for an inspiring week and a fruitful partnership!

Photos by Nicola Bailey Photography. View full album on Facebook.

6.19.21 / Community

Happy Juneteenth from God’s Love

At God’s Love, the DEIA  steering committee has been putting together resources to recognize heritage months and holidays. Today, to recognize Juneteenth, they put together a list of resources for staff that we’ve…

6.16.21 / Community

A Pride-Filled June

As President & CEO of God’s Love We Deliver, Karen Pearl says, we celebrate Pride all year long. That said, in June, we really paint our world in rainbows! Read below about some of the ways we’ve been celebrat…