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Layers of Love: Thursday Night Volunteers Host Lasagna Fundraiser

After completing a Thursday night shift, regular volunteers Bill Komar, Richie Fink, and Vincent Meo began brainstorming how they could do more for God’s Love. As a jewelry salesman, Vincent struggled to figure out how his skills could benefit the organization he had come to love so much. That’s when Bill and Richie asked him, “Do you have any talents?” to which Vincent replied, “The one thing I do is make the world’s greatest lasagna.” From this conversation, the annual Lasagna Party fundraiser in support of the Race to Deliver was born!

The trio planned a party where they served Vincent’s lasagna and guests brought sides. From that first year, the fundraiser grew and eventually turned into a joyful potluck bringing together an enthusiastic group of volunteers, friends, and family to raise funds for God’s Love.

Soon after the inaugural Lasagna Party, Vincent learned he had thyroid cancer. The illness and treatments exhausted him to the point that he could no longer volunteer on Thursday nights. The team still gathered to chop veggies in honor of their longtime friend, and the Lasagna Party continued. When Vincent could no longer make lasagna himself, the Thursday night crew brought their recipes to the celebration. Our many thanks to volunteers Randy Deutsche, Joan Adler, and Laurie Bloomfield for stepping in and stepping up, bringing a variety of lasagna dishes to help make the party a continued success.

After Vincent passed, the group continued this annual fundraiser in his memory. Several years ago, the Lasagna Party went virtual due to COVID, but in 2022 Richie decided to bring it back in a new format as people began to feel more comfortable gathering in person. He invited regulars from the past for a dinner at Lasagna Ristorante in Chelsea to reunite and raise funds. Richie graciously picked up the tab and only asked that attendees donate what they can and enjoy each other’s company! Seventy guests attended this year’s party, including Thursday night volunteers and God’s Love staff. Attendees describe the celebration as electric and are thrilled to report they raised $23,546. Over 13 years, the Lasagna Party has raised over $180,000 for our Race to Deliver, funding more than 18,000 medically tailored meals.

Thank you to this dedicated group of volunteers for going above and beyond in your support of God’s Love. Your efforts are a powerful reminder of how a small group, united in their efforts, can have a large impact!

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