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Making Birthdays Special at Avenues New York

On Saturday, April 27, God’s Love We Deliver had the privilege of attending The Avenues School’s Community Day. Opened in 2012, The Avenues New York School, located in Chelsea, has more than 1,900 students from kindergarten through 12th grade. They invited us to their annual Community Day to talk about Young Hearts program and the importance of being of service, as well as good nutrition and Medically Tailored Meals. We made birthday cards for our clients, their caregivers, and children that we will deliver along with our personalized birthday cakes. We also talked about our mission of delivering nutritious and delicious meals and answered their questions.

Since The Avenues is a bilingual school, the students and their families were extremely interested in all of the languages our nutrition brochures are available in besides Spanish and English: Polish, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Korean, among them. We had examples of our brochures and handouts, giving information about our services, as well as specific medical diagnosis nutrition brochures and how to eat properly to support your health.

We extend a big thank you to everyone at God’s Love who lent support and to God’s Love volunteer Whitney Smith for attending and letting everyone know how wonderful our volunteer program is!

Thank you to the Avenues School for being gracious hosts and letting us share our work with you!