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Volunteer Marilyn Bardo: Making Memories and Meaning for more than 25 Years

“Volunteering at God’s Love We Deliver has been a most fulfilling experience for the last 25 years. I love the friends that I have made and the feeling that I am making a small contribution to helping folks in need.”

Marilyn started volunteering with us in the kitchen in the mid-90s, looking for a meaningful activity to add to her work week. In her tenure she’s done some of everything, putting her chopping skills to great use with her Tuesday night regulars, delivering meals for Thanksgiving and Winter Feast, and, today, volunteering in meal packaging. And when Marilyn isn’t volunteering, she’s traveling the world and taking God’s Love with her, by wearing her God’s Love hat everywhere she goes. Swipe through our photo carousel below to see Marilyn in her God’s Love gear in Cambodia, Argentina, and Egypt!

Marilyn tells us, “God’s Love always has such wonderful camaraderie and good spirits — you always leave feeling better than when you started.”

See Marilyn through the years below and join us in thanking her for nearly three decades of service!

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