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Numbers Don’t Lie: Serving More than Ever in 2022

God’s Love We Deliver cooked, packaged, and home-delivered 33% more meals in the second half of 2022 than we did in the same period in 2021. With a community of supporters like you, we were able to meet this demand while accomplishing every goal we set and opportunity that arose! To celebrate this achievement, we want to share some of the numbers you helped make possible for our clients living with life-altering illness.

Last year, God’s Love cooked and home-delivered more than 3.2 million medically tailored meals for more than 10,500 individuals. This includes our clients, their caregivers, and dependents. We serve nearly 13,000 meals each weekday with the dedicated hearts and hands of our volunteers who continue to show up every day no matter the circumstance.
While we serve every neighborhood of NYC, we are proud to share that we have targeted our outreach to systemically neglected and under-resourced neighborhoods across the NYC metropolitan area.
These numbers fill us with pride because each meal represents a moment of comfort and care for a New Yorker in need. Just recently, a client shared a comment on Facebook saying:
“My delivery person Ed is a ray of sunshine every time he delivers. Thank you all for everything.”
Our clients tell us every day in emails, phone calls, on social media, and more how necessary our program is to their health and well-being.

Our client Khalia with her birthday cake.

In addition to regular deliveries, you helped us bring touches of joy to our clients and their families. We just finished our holiday season where we delivered 24,000 festive holiday feasts, 5,500 holiday baskets and more than 5,500 gifts. Every client, child, and caregiver on our program also received a birthday cake on their special day! This February, each client will receive our popular red velvet cookie with their meal delivery in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Speaking of special touches, in celebration of Valentine’s Day if you sign up for monthly giving at $15 or more from now until February 10, we’ll send a box of red velvet cookies to your sweetheart! Your monthly donation will help us care for our clients year round.

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