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Nutrition… Starts with Dessert?

Every now and then, good nutrition begins with dessert.

Stephen Maloff today

“I couldn’t get Jeffrey to eat anything,” says Stephen. He was Jeffrey’s boyfriend in the 1980’s, when Jeffrey was diagnosed with HIV. “He was a scarecrow at six-feet-two inches, and 120 pounds. He could barely eat, but he loved dessert.”

God’s Love delivered to Jeffrey back then. And one way Stephen would get Jeff to eat one of our nutritious, medically tailored meals was to tell Jeffrey “I was going to eat that delicious dessert myself if he didn’t take at least a few bites of the healthy meal you delivered for him. That would usually do the trick.”

Jeffrey with their dog, Boris

Jeffrey died on his birthday in 1989. He’d been a client of God’s Love for four years. Stephen remembers that difficult time.

“There was so much fear and negativity, and very little support. I remember when God’s Love started in the founder’s small apartment kitchen and I am amazed at how its has grown. You’re serving more than just HIV now. And you kept your personal touch. Thank you.”

Stephen became a donor after Jeffrey’s death. You can make a donation in honor or in memory of a loved one or friend this holiday season. Together we will keep improving the health and well-being of people like Jeff, and so many others affected by serious, life-altering illnesses who are unable to shop or cook for themselves.

Keep love in your heart this season, and we will deliver! Thank you!

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