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NYCTutoring.com Helps Translate Our Resources

Our clients are as diverse and multilingual as this great city that we call home. God’s Love We Deliver is committed to the promise that language should never be a barrier to receiving the right nutrition. We translate our nutritional resources, we hire Client Services Specialists and RDNs who are fluent in Spanish so that we can cater to the large population of Spanish-speakers that we serve, and when we do not have someone on staff who speaks the same language as one of our clients, we hire translators who do. Our website can also be translated into multiple languages– see the tab at the bottom of the page.

During the coronavirus pandemic, we experienced a great influx of requests for help, and everyone on our staff became extremely busy. It was fortuitous then when we received an offer of help from NYCTutoring.com. Luke Palder, founder of NYCtutoring.com says, “We reached out to NYC nonprofits that we thought could use an extra hand during these tough times. Our language tutors are less busy as a result of the pandemic, so they are able to help nonprofits translate important information into other languages.” Tutors from Palder’s business helped us translate our Client Policy and Procedure paperwork into Spanish, allowing for smoother onboarding of Spanish-speaking clients.

"Translation increases the reach of important causes, such as that of God’s Love We Deliver. Often, nonprofits in NYC serve communities whose first language is not English. Without translation, crucial information and help may not reach the people who need them the most. Even among individuals who understand English, communicating with them in their native language can put them at ease and help them be more open to the information presented. It's all about increasing access." -Luke Palder

Palder believes that God’s Love We Deliver and NYCTutoring.com share a common belief in the power of education to transform lives for the better. Our Client Services Specialists help our clients navigate and learn from the wide range of resources available on our website, specifically the Nutrition + Illness Guides and Nutrition booklets written by our RDNs initially in English and then translated to Spanish to increase accessibility. Palder’s tutors have been helping us get more Spanish-language material on our website.

NYCTutoring.com provides personalized tutoring in a range of subjects to students in New York City and the surrounding area. They make sure all of their tutors are well versed in the subjects that they teach. Whether the student’s goal is to achieve a high SAT score in order to enroll in a top school, have a conversation in German, or play a Mozart piece on the piano, their mission is to help students reach their learning potential through customized lessons. This can be done through either one-on-one or group classes. In non-pandemic times, they also give students the option of having lessons at home or in a public place such as a café.

In the future, NYCTutoring.com is eager to continue helping God’s Love We Deliver with translation. While to date they have focused on Spanish, Palder would like their assistance to extend to other languages.

We’re so grateful to NYCTutoring.com and Luke Palder for helping us reach more New Yorkers where they are.

Palder says, “Thank you for the opportunity to support such a meaningful cause and to contribute to New York’s resurgence post-pandemic. We hope to continue supporting God’s Love We Deliver in its fight to alleviate hunger and malnutrition among individuals living with serious illnesses.”

Looking for nutrition information in languages other than English? Follow the link below for all of our Nutrition + Illness guides available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

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