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Our Client, Edith, Celebrates Her 106th Birthday in 2022

Edith grew up in Albany during the Great Depression and moved to New York City in 1940. Her parents ran a small store, and that’s where Edith learned the value of hard work. Over the course of her career she worked in restaurants, in civil service, and she even had a job as a reporter on Wall Street.

“The stock exchange was hiring women. They were eager to employ women to show that they were equal opportunity. It was quite an experience.” -Edith

Edith has always valued her independence but as her health has declined, certain tasks have become very difficulty for her. She developed an essential tremor that prevents her from preparing meals for herself. She says, “It is too difficult to go out and shop or cook. There are a lot of delicate movements involved.” Now at 105 years young, Edith receives medically tailored, home-delivered meals from God’s Love. These meals help keep her nourished and allow her to maintain some of her autonomy. She particularly loves the soups!

“God’s Love gives you a good feeling. You are a wonderful organization!” -Edith

Now that the cold weather and holidays are in full swing, many of our most vulnerable neighbors—living with illness—will reach out to God’s Love for nourishment. Thanks to kind and caring friends like you, they won’t be forgotten, and they won’t go hungry. Now through midnight on December 31st, our great friends, Marcus and Bobbi Lemonis, are matching all year-end contributions dollar-for-dollar up to a total of $250,000! Your $10 gift will be worth $20 and fund 2 meals. Your very generous $100 gift will be worth $200 and fund 20 meals! Your gift this winter will bring nourishment and warmth to Edith, and to thousands of vulnerable New Yorkers.

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