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Our Meals Featuring Local, Organic Herbs from Project EATS Farm Just a Mile Away

God’s Love We Deliver is now purchasing fresh herbs grown one mile away (or about 20 city blocks) on the Lower East Side. The herbs are grown in a dedicated planting bed at Project Eats’ rooftop farm at Essex Crossing. This important partnership between our organization and one of New York City’s most innovative community-based farm networks showcases the best of non-profit collaboration. Project EATS grows their food organically and sustainably for the benefit of the surrounding community, when we add their herbs to our medically tailored, home-delivered meals, our offerings are healthier and tastier for our clients.

"Fresh herbs can be found in almost any component of our meals. From soups to sauces, in braises and marinades, fresh herbs make the flavors in our meals really pop.”- Chef Andre Daquigan

These herbs play an integral role in keeping our meals delicious without an excess of added salt. Our chefs aren’t the only ones thrilled to work with these super high quality ingredients. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Ana Blanco, MS, RDN, CDN, says “Our meals are low in sodium and we don’t use preservatives. These fresh herbs will enhance the flavors of our medically tailored meals and make them (even) more nutritious!”

This partnership is the result of a collaboration among farmers, Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, and chefs. In order to secure a steady supply of herbs, Rick Smith, Director of Farm Operations at Project Eats worked extensively with our Executive Chef Daniel Metzger and Director of Nutrition Services, Lisa Zullig, of God’s Love We Deliver. With a solid idea of how many herbs we use each week, Smith ordered and seeded enough parsley, chives, and cilantro for weekly deliveries.

Linda Goode Bryant, founder and President of Project Eats says “we are thrilled for this partnership which further supports our efforts to serve New Yorkers living in communities with limited access to healthy nutritious food, especially those who are more adversely affected during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Going forward, the organizations will continue to explore new ingredients that can be grown hyper-locally and used in our meals. Both organizations are committed to working towards increasing the sustainability of our city’s environment, citizens and food systems.

We’re so excited about this delicious collaboration!