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Taking Stress off Client Jose’s Plate

As a single parent living with diabetes and other compounding conditions, Jose believes God’s Love came into his life at a pivotal moment in time. About three years ago, Jose’s 13-year-old son, Elias, lost his mother. Although Jose is bedbound, it became his sole responsibility to figure out when and what their family’s next meal would be. During this time, Jose was often forced to order unhealthy foods that negatively impacted his health conditions. That’s when a case manager told him about God’s Love and helped him sign up to get meals for himself and Elias. Since that day, Jose has felt a deep sense of relief. In his own words:

“God’s Love helped me and my son when we felt hopeless. When I started to receive the wonderful food your chefs cook with love, I didn’t have to worry anymore. These days I feel much better and have even begun losing weight with your healthy meals.” -Jose

When COVID hit in early 2020, Jose had a scheduled surgery that was indefinitely delayed. This further limited his mobility and God’s Love became an even more important lifeline for him. As a high-risk individual, he was reluctant to go to stores or have in-person visitors. Jose and Elias appreciate that throughout the pandemic, the drivers were always considerate and kind. They call ahead of time to let them know they are on the way and safely drop off the food with a smile. In his own words:

“The drivers are so polite and very respectful to my son. They even call to let me know they are on their way. To us, they are real-life New York City superheroes.” -Jose

Jose also loves speaking to the registered dietitian nutritionists on staff at God’s Love. He feels they understand his conditions and always ensure his meals positively impact his needs. He is also thrilled to see Elias learning positive eating habits at such a young age. Jose was ecstatic to share Elias has come to love cauliflower, broccoli, and all veggies! Aside from the food, Jose and Elias appreciate the personal touches from God’s Love:

“We get happy every time the delivery drivers knock on our door. Elias especially loves when it’s his birthday and you deliver the cake and card. He always takes the card and tapes it up in his room.” -Jose

When Jose is feeling well again, he is looking forward to getting back to fishing, painting, and doing outdoor activities. Jose wants to encourage anyone living with illness to considering taking some stress off your plate by sign up for God’s Love. To learn more about receiving meals for yourself or a loved one, visit our website!

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