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Responding to the Coronavirus: Delivering meals and delivering love

Dear Community,
Thank you for your interest in and support of our clients, volunteers, staff, and mission during these challenging times. We continue to do all we can to adjust to the ever-changing news around the coronavirus (COVID-19).
Please see below for a number of updates:
  • God’s Love We Deliver has been designated an essential provider for New York City – As such, the recently announced restrictions on movement do not apply to our operations. God’s Love will continue to cook, package, and deliver medically tailored meals to our clients from our SoHo headquarters.
  • Our deliveries have not been interrupted – All non-perishable food bags have been delivered and, despite the uncertainty of this time, all meals have been delivered on schedule. All non-essential staff are successfully working remotely – Essential staff and our amazing volunteers continue to report daily to our SoHo headquarters to make the work from our building possible.
  • You are reaching out – We have received many offers of help and many requests for help. We have assembled four teams to manage in-kind donationsfinancial supportvolunteer inquiries, and client referrals. Thank you for thinking of and supporting God’s Love.
On Friday we delivered our final emergency meal bag of shelf-stable food. This has been an enormous task taken on by our staff and volunteers, and I am so grateful to every person who made this possible.
Our work continues. Yesterday, our kitchen started cooking for the week. Today, meals have been packed and our vans have hit the road. Birthday cakes will be decorated. Please be a part of our effort by giving what you can.
As always, God’s Love continues to monitor the minute-by-minute changes our city, state, and country are undergoing. We appreciate all the ways you are supporting our efforts from near and far, ensuring that our clients receive their meals — and a whole lot of care — at this uncertain time. Additional updates will, as always, be available on our website and through our social media channels.
Clients continue to share with us how relieved they are to see us deliver.
“I am so happy you’re still making deliveries — I was really worried. Thank you so much for helping us and for helping me!” 
As I look ahead to this week, I do so with gratitude for this wonderful community and continued resolve to do all we can for our clients.

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