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Second helping with Eva Wirth

In 1993, Eva received an appeal letter from God’s Love. At the end of the letter it asked if she’d like to learn about volunteering. Deeply concerned about the AIDS crisis and looking for a way to give back, she checked the box yes. And the rest is history!Eva had lived in the East Village during the late 80s and saw first-hand the toll the AIDS pandemic took on the city around her. In just a few short years, the entire community landscape around her changed. When she received her letter from God’s Love, she knew that it was time to roll up her sleeves and give back to support those around her. She’d been in a difficult place in her life and she knew that helping others could positively change how she felt.

Eva still remembers the first time she walked into our kitchen at the American Youth Hostel on 103rd Street and Amsterdam. She remembers how small the kitchen was, but how bright and energized it felt. It was a Monday night and she met some of the regulars including Judith Schasberger and Norma Grant, both of whom still volunteer at God’s Love all these years later.

After 10 years of volunteering Eva took a break. In 2007 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She endured six weeks of radiation. While she’d always been active as a cyclist, swimmer, and runner, she changed her diet according to her doctor’s advice.

Last year, Eva found her way back to God’s Love. She met our Board of Trustees member Bill Ribbecke at Orangetheory Fitness. Like the true God’s Love ambassador he is, Bill mentioned his work with us to Eva and she decided to sign back up. Now, Eva has made Wednesday afternoons her weekly shift, but fills in on other shifts too.

And Eva’s commitment at God’s Love doesn’t stop at the kitchen. In September she participated in the Douglas Elliman Ride for Love.

Eva continues to feel the change God’s Love has made in her life, from introducing her to so many kind people, to giving her important and impactful work, and to helping change her outlook on life.

"It’s like my happy place. I’ve met so many nice people that care about each other through God’s Love. We bring out the best of New York. I’m so glad to be here.” - Eva Wirth, volunteer

Thank you, Eva, for your care and support!

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please visit glwd.org/volunteer.