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Sharmila Relies on Meals for Health and Love

For most of us, the holidays are a time for celebrating with friends and loved ones. But for many of our neighbors, this can be a difficult time.

No one should go hungry when they are living with severe illness – especially when it’s the holidays. But that’s what happens when people are too sick to shop or cook for themselves.

Sharmila experienced horrible pain in her joints and bones that made it hard to walk at the age of 52 when she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. This rare form of cancer attacks the bones, kidneys and internal organs, immune system, and red blood cells. Sharmila is now on two types of chemotherapy which she will have to continue for the rest of her life.

With her immune system compromised, Sharmila is unable to leave her building without being at serious risk for COVID-19. Her aids aren’t even allowed in her home. There’s no one to help her take a shower or to prepare her meals. She was nearly out of food and was surviving on crackers and canned goods when she learned about God’s Love.

Sharmila was worried about having someone deliver meals to her home. But once she learned of the food preparation and delivery safety protocols at God’s Love, she felt reassured.

The powerful benefits of our medically tailored meal program began almost immediately. Before, Sharmila would skip meals because she was in so much pain from chemotherapy. Now, she is able to enjoy a meal plan designed by our dietitians–meals that are easy for her to digest even while undergoing treatment. And, she says her doctor is impressed that her test results are more stable since joining God’s Love.

“You can tell from your first bite that every meal is made from scratch and made with love. I can taste the difference. I can feel the difference. I know I’m getting nutrients and it helps me manage all that I’m going through.” – Sharmila

That’s the power of just one meal. Now multiple that times more than 2.5 million meals we will custom prepare and deliver this coming year–thanks to caring and compassionate people like you.

Your year-end gift means so much to your neighbors in need who are living with cancer, HIV, cardiovascular disease, and other serious illnesses. You nourish them when they are hungry. You help them manage their medical conditions. You also help nourish their children, or their senior caregivers who are also at risk for malnutrition. A God’s Love delivery driver may be the only smiling face they say all day.

Make a gift today to ensure that Sharmila and our clients have a very happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for your support!

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