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Responding to the Coronavirus: Shifting operations, but our love stays the same

Dear Community,

Every day, we are working with new information and new challenges as we adjust to the ever-changing news around the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate your continued support during these uncertain times.

Please see below for a number of updates:

  • Our menu has changed, but our care has not. Our Kitchen team has created a COVID-19 emergency menu cycle to simplify and streamline production. We are doing this so that we can continue to produce our thousands of high-quality meals with a reduced volunteer force as we practice social distancing. Our chefs have also introduced some new recipes to delight our clients. We’re pleased to make these additions during such an unusual time, and our meals remain delicious, nutritious, and of course, made with love.
  • We are serving more people than ever. As the coronavirus continues to afflict New York City, we are currently cooking and delivering 9,200 medically tailored meals daily and ramping up our operations to serve an additional 1,000 clients. Please give today to help us meet this unprecedented demand.
  • Every volunteer has their precise place. In addition to staff working remotely, we have reduced the number of volunteers per shift to the absolute minimum, ensuring that the fewest number of individuals are in the building at one time. All shifts are practicing social distancing. Volunteers are screened before entering the building and are given a mask to wear during their shift as masks are now required in the kitchen, meal packaging and delivery.
  • We see your cooking! Many of you have participated in our #WhoAreYouCookingFor campaign. It’s been a delight seeing all of your beautiful dishes. Thank you for the support, from your kitchen to ours.

What’s next:

Our team is now working to produce another round of emergency meal bags of shelf-stable food. This round will have an entire fourteen days of non-perishable nutrition at two meals a day for fourteen days. This will be another enormous task to take on, but one we are glad to assume. Please watch for more information about this huge undertaking – we are going to need your help, especially drivers with vehicles.

Please give:

Every day, more and more people reach out to God’s Love We Deliver for help. These are the most vulnerable in our community. Help us feed our neighbors in their time of need by giving to our COVID-19 Emergency Fund. Every dollar makes a difference.

We are honored by all the ways you have shown your support to our volunteers, staff, clients, and organization in the past few weeks. We appreciate your messages, your donations, your volunteerism, and your ambassadorship.

Additional updates will, as always, be available on our website and through our social media channels.

Clients continue to let us know how critical our meals are for them, at a time in their lives when they need us the most.

“This couldn’t have come at a better time. I can’t tell you how grateful we are and how much we appreciate it. It’s a lifesaver for us.” 

We always say that being sick and hungry is a crisis that demands an urgent response. It does. And thanks to you, we can respond without fail, and with love.

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