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Staff Member Honors Late Mother with “Carts of Love for Clients” Campaign

Here at God’s Love, we understand that a loved one’s illness can have a profound impact on an entire family. But recently, this sentiment hit even closer to home for our very own Director of Delivery, Damone Jackson. As Damone cared for his mother who was battling cancer, he developed a deep understanding of what it can be like for our clients who are living with illness and struggle to complete everyday tasks. When dealing with the complexities of a chronic or severe illness, making doctor’s appointments, managing treatments, or walking to the front door to receive a delivery can be daunting tasks. In Damone’s own words, “The minor things that you and I may take for granted can become these tremendous, and in many cases, impossible hurdles for our clients to overcome.”  While watching his mother work through physical therapy, Damone kept thinking back to our clients who are in similar situations. He thought:

“How can I help them? What more can I do? I’m the Director of Delivery for God’s Love and I love my profession. For me, feeding those in need is the most honorable thing one can do with their time and it truly nourishes my soul. But I need to do more. To give food is beautiful, but what about the loss of self-esteem, the loss of independence, and the loss of dignity that comes along with being sick?” -Damone

That’s where Damone’s idea was born to provide clients who have mobility issues with utility carts to carry their food from their front door to their refrigerator. The carts will also be useful for our clients as they complete additional tasks around their homes. To ensure that the carts would be additive to our clients’ lives, Damone reached out to a few prospective recipients and was thrilled by their responses:

“We called a few clients to see if this was something they would be interested in and 10 out of 11 people responded with a resounding ‘YES!' Two clients even cried because they were touched that someone was thinking about them in such a caring manner. While this broke my heart, it reaffirmed that we needed to do something about this.” -Damone.

Damone, and all our employees at God’s Love, take pride in the fact that we deliver so much more than just food. We deliver care, compassion, and hope. Please join us in honoring Damone’s late mother, Sharon Braxton, by sponsoring a utility cart for a client in need through our Carts of Love for Clients campaign.

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