11.18.21 / Community

Support Small Business While Nourishing Your Neighbors

Leeway Home founders, Lyle Maltz and Sam Dumas, have made giving back a cornerstone of their Brooklyn-based dinnerware business. Before sunrise last Friday, Sam and Lyle joined a group of their co-workers and friends for a day of prepping and delivering medically tailored meals to our clients. After a successful volunteer shift in the kitchen, Sam and Lyle hit the streets of Manhattan to deliver meals to our clients living with illness. While delivering meals, Lyle and Sam gifted some of our clients a gorgeous set of Leeway dishes as an expression of love and gratitude ahead of the holiday season.

After the success of their first Leeway volunteer day at God’s Love, Sam and Lyle took their support of our neighbors living with illness to the next level. From now until the end of the week, Friday, November 19, a portion of every online purchase made at Leeway Home will be donated to God’s Love! Head to the website and shop for a good cause! Thank you to our friends at Leeway Home for your kindness and generosity!

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