7.17.20 / Community

Talking COVID-19 and Accomplishments with Charity Navigator

On Thursday, July 16, President & CEO Karen Pearl spoke with Charity Navigator Chief Relationship Officer Keith Scally for a Facebook live around our COVID-19 response. The two discussed the ways God’s Love has adapted to the crisis, the volunteers who have helped us every step of the away, and our hopes for the future. Tune in to the live here!

Charity Navigator is the organization that rates nonprofits and is relied on by donors across the country in choosing the nonprofits to which they want to donate. God’s Love has earned a 4-star rating – the highest rating – from Charity Navigator for the past 7 years. Only the top 6% of charities nationwide share this accomplishment. We are extremely proud of this achievement. Our donors know that when they give to God’s Love, what they give truly makes a difference. Our donors have seen how efficiently we use their support to care for people living with life-altering illness, and we’re honored to be recognized for this effort by Charity Navigator. We will continue to keep our standards high so that our clients and our donors know how much we value their confidence and generosity.

For more on God’s Love and Charity Navigator, read our press release here. View God’s Love on Charity Navigator here.

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