Chef Daniel with one donation from City Harvest

1.20.19 / Community

God’s Love and City Harvest Team Up

God’s Love is thrilled to announce our new partnership with City Harvest. This collaboration will help ensure that New Yorkers who are unable to shop or cook for themselves receive the medically tailored meals they need and that families across the city who struggle to put meals on the table have access to nutritious food. God’s Love will utilize produce rescued and delivered by City Harvest in our medically tailored meals that are home-delivered to clients and families. In return, God’s Love is donating meals to City Harvest for delivery to  community food programs that serve over 3,000 individuals each month.

The partnership came about through the two organizations’ complementary mission of providing nutrition and food to the city’s most vulnerable residents. With food as the common denominator, we reach New Yorkers in need across the city.

“We are excited to be partnering with an outstanding organization like City Harvest. Moving forward, as we strive to reach all who need our services and where our work is  complementary, we look forward to leveraging this relationship and others like it that make sense,” said David Ludwigson, Vice President and Chief Development Officer.


God’s Love is the leading provider of medically tailored meals in the metropolitan area, delivering life-sustaining meals and nutrition counseling for individuals living with severe and/or chronic illnesses and their families. City Harvest helps ensure that good food does not go to waste by redirecting it to help feed our neighbors who are struggling to feed themselves and their families. They rescue food from over 2,500 food donors across the city and country, and deliver it, free of charge, to hundreds of soup kitchens, food pantries, and other community food programs across the five boroughs.

The first three months of the partnership resulted in 4,000 donated medically tailored entrees and soups and 5,500 pounds of donated produce. We anticipate the coming months to follow suit as the partnership grows.

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