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Volunteering During COVID-19 and Beyond: Thank You!

We are delighted to be celebrating our extraordinary volunteers this National Volunteer Week. This annual event always gives us the chance to express our gratitude, but particularly this year, as we recognize their commitment which has allowed us to continue operating throughout the pandemic without interruption.

Our volunteers are truly our heroes, each and every one! We could not do the amazing work we do without their help. Thank you to those who have come to God’s Love during the pandemic, and welcome back to those who are newly returning – we have missed you so much!

The COVID -19 pandemic left New York City, the country, and the world in a state of crisis. Whether from home, from our kitchen, or by making deliveries, our volunteers have been a part of making this challenging time safer for our clients. We give our thanks for everything each volunteer did and continues to do to keep New Yorkers living with serious illness well nourished.

Here are some ways our volunteers helped us respond to COVID-19 in the last year:
Cooking and delivering extra high-protein soups for clients to keep in their freezers in the early days of the pandemic.
Delivering 310,000 shelf-stable meals.
Cooking, packaging, and delivering more than 2.4 million medically tailored meals.

Our volunteers are the heart of our organization. I am grateful for all they do to help us continue to deliver meals, nutrition, dignity, health, hope and, especially love to thousands of New Yorkers every year.