11.22.18 / Community

Thanksgiving 2018

More than 1,300 generous volunteers joined us today to help us prepare and deliver a record-breaking 6,500 Thanksgiving meals for people living with HIV, cancer and other life-altering illnesses in the New York City metropolitan area. This year’s meal delivery included more than 2,300 guest meals, so that each client could invite a friend to spend the holiday with them. Our holiday meals were delivered in cheerful, hand-decorated bags designed by local school children. Each household (out of more than 3,000) also received a holiday gift basket filled with treats to help make the day special.

The remarkable number of Thanksgiving meals was not the only record we hit this week — we also cooked and delivered our 22 millionth meal! Thank you to everyone who made today possible as we worked together to #CelebrateWithAPlate!

Here’s what it took to make our Thanksgiving meal:

  • 5,000 lbs. of turkey
  • 1,176 lbs. of pumpkin
  • 221 gallons of gravy
  • 1,505 lbs. of carrots
  • 590 lbs. of Brussels sprouts
  • 1,607 lbs. of yams
  • 749 gallons of soup
  • 6,550 apple crisps

God’s Love also served a vegetarian entrée, as well as minced and pureed Thanksgiving meals for clients whose medical conditions require those modifications.

Thanksgiving at God’s Love is a huge community effort and we could not do it without our volunteers and supporters. Thank you and happy Thanksgiving from all of us at God’s Love!

Photos by Rommel Demano, staff, and volunteers.

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