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Tricia Leid, Senior Director of Fulfillment and Logistics, Finds Fulfillment in More Ways Than One

“I’m honoring my parents by working here. I feel like I’m giving back every day. Mission work is where I need to be.” 

Tricia Leid is the God’s Love We Deliver Senior Director of Fulfillment and Logistics. An expert in procurement, logistics and supply chain management, she cut her teeth in the private sector, but was always eager to find a way to connect her love of logistics with mission work. So, when she saw the job listing at God’s Love, two years after moving to NYC from Trinidad, she knew she had found her place. 

Tricia oversees the Meal Packaging and Delivery Operations Team. Together, each day, they get our medically tailored meals out of the door—delivering the right meals to the right clients at the right time. She is constantly asking: how do we continually improve when everything around us is changing? “These things get me excited—finding new ways of getting things done in an efficient and cost-effective way. Our environment keeps changing, the weather keeps changing, now we’re working in the pandemic, and we’re finding ways to maintain our level of customer service.” 

Earlier last year, Tricia had been evaluating how to increase our capacity, to deliver more meals to more clients. Then, just after a planning meeting between Damone Jackson, Director of Delivery and herself about route optimization, the pandemic hit and our clients increased by 30 percent. She says, “What the pandemic did was make us more innovative. I’m so impressed by my team. Damone was like ‘we got this,’ Jason was like ‘okay let’s find ways to do what we do with social distancing.’” 

Tricia’s connection to this work is both professional and personal. Back home in Trinidad, both of her parents died of cancer within a span of 7 years. “I took care of my mom, and also my dad. It was so difficult feeding myself or even my dad. When my dad stopped eating, I stopped eating. I didn’t feel that we were starving, but we did not have nutritious food.” Food deliveries from her Aunt Shirley made all the difference. Tricia says that every time they received food lovingly prepared by Aunt Shirley, “I felt so good, I felt so loved, and my father felt happy.”  

Today, when Tricia sees the God’s Love We Deliver vans driving out, each with carefully prepared and packed medically tailored meals, she understands the value of the work that is being done. “It’s a very emotional thing, to have no food or have no access to nutritious food.” 

Our staff works hard all year long, but rising to the challenges of the pandemic has certainly made our staffs’ jobs even more challenging. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Lafayette 148 this holiday season on a selection of gifts of which a portion of their sales will benefit God’s Love We Deliver and help us continue to reach more clients. Lafayette 148 outfitted Tricia with a stylish and warm coat and vest as a thank you for keeping New York nourished and safe this year. Shop this beautiful edit to show your loved ones you care all while helping us get the right food to the right clients, day in and day out. 

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