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Volunteer Ann Bodnar: Home Away From Home, With a Heart

Ann Bodnar doesn’t mind early mornings. That’s evidenced by her commitment to volunteering at God’s Love We Deliver at 6:30 in the morning since 2006. If it’s Tuesday, she is the in kitchen working with God’s Love’s finest—including Chefs Daniel, Andre, Denise, and Claudia as well as her co-volunteers Mary, John, Evan, and Christina. Ann learned about God’s Love We Deliver in the 80’s from a dear friend who supported New Yorkers living with AIDS. At the time she was looking for a place to donate and, when she had time to do more after retirement, she began the Tuesday morning shifts and never looked back.

Ann brightens the God’s Love universe with her steadfast presence. In addition to her weekly shift, she’s participated in the Race to Deliver and Thanksgiving delivery for 16 years. She comes back again and again because God’s Love “feels like home away from home…happiness is envisioning our clients sitting down and enjoying something as simple as a home cooked meal.” Over the years, Ann suffered loses of her own: her dear friend John lost his battle with AIDS in the late 90’s; and her mother, who inspired Ann’s love of cooking.  With our mission in mind, she remembers these loved ones by dedicating tiles in the God’s Love kitchen and lobby, respectively. Ann was honored to recently receive her own tile in the kitchen for her 70th birthday, a gift from two friends she’s forged strong bonds with over the course of 17 years of volunteering. We’re thrilled that Ann chooses to spend her time at God’s Love We Deliver and so grateful for the difference she makes in the lives of our clients every week.

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