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Volunteer Katherine Tam: Finding Community through Commitment

Kathrine chopping zucchini in the God's Love Brooklyn kitchen“Over the years, I have met so many wonderful people at God’s Love. It’s truly people who make God’s Love what it is. While I come here to help the community, I’ve also come to realize that spending shifts with my fellow volunteers has helped me get through some of my most challenging times. So thank you.”

Katherine started volunteering with God’s Love in 2006 when, on the fifth anniversary of 9/11, she decided to do more to help the community. Katherine’s then-employer was involved with God’s Love, and that’s how she had her first volunteer shift.

Like many of us, Katherine keeps coming back for the mission, but also, “The people 😊 And knowing that what we do makes a difference, especially with the long-term need for nutritious meals expected to keep growing beyond the pandemic.”

We are grateful for her dedication to her shift and to the work – she doesn’t shy away from a bag of onions!

Please join us in thanking Katherine for her commitment to our clients, their families, and our life-affirming work.

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