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Volunteer Mica Hill: Finding Purpose During COVID

Mica on his way to deliver

When COVID shut down NYC in March of 2020, Mica Hill found himself closely confronted with it every day: his wife was a physician working around the clock to provide care to people sick with the virus.

As a long time hospitality professional, he found himself stuck at home with a strong desire to help and just as strong of a need for a community to cope with.

Mica found purpose and relief from both in cooking and delivering meals with God’s Love We Deliver. He remembers sharing anxieties and joys with other volunteers–how they wished for the protection of a vaccine and celebrated when it finally came.

The pandemic brought Mica to volunteering, and relationships have kept him coming back.

He shares,

“The first person I delivered food to touched my heart. She was so thankful and so appreciative. I was honored to hand her her meals and represent everyone at God’s Love We Deliver.”

He connects to the history of the organization–as General Manager at The Huntington Hotel in San Francisco from 1988-1996, he witnessed the suffering wrought by HIV/AIDS to the city and many of his own employees. From past to present, Mica will never forget what an impact it makes to offer not just nutrition, but dignity, love, and care to those who are ill. In these past three years, Mica says, “I feel I have purpose in my week …more than ever.”

It is because of volunteers like Mica that we can continue to fulfill our purpose, and we are so glad he’s a partner with us in this work. Thank you, Mica!

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