Twins Martha and Gina Palma in the Volunteer Lounge before their shift

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Volunteers Martha and Gina Palma: Siblings Sharing Care for our Clients

“Somebody has to do the work so people get fed.”

Better Together! Twins Gina and Martha Palma of Brooklyn have been volunteering at God’s Love every Wednesday in the kitchen for more than 30 years since their friend became sick with #AIDS in the 90s. “That’s my day here,” Gina says. “If I don’t come volunteer, I feel bad.”

The sisters have made friends over the years in the kitchen as they chopped, scooped, ladled, and packaged up meals. “People are sick and hungry and need help,” Martha says. “God’s Love is filling that need, and as long as we have people who need us, we’ll keep showing up.”

Thank you for all that you do, Martha and Gina!

Join Martha and Gina on a volunteer shift by signing up at the link below!

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