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We Stand with Black Communities Everywhere

Dear Community,

Our hearts are broken. The murder of George Floyd by a police officer is horrifying and cannot be tolerated. The deaths of so many before and after him are equally heinous.

The protests in our City and across the country have focused America’s attention on racism, inequality and bigotry. As an organization, we work diligently on a daily basis to fight these indignities. This has always been true and will remain true.

How do we fight for justice? By treating all people with respect and dignity. By showing up in every neighborhood in NYC. By working to reverse health care disparities through our nutrition and meal services. By declaring that people who are sick and isolated have an important voice – one we must listen to. By hiring, nurturing, and rewarding a diverse staff that represents all communities in NYC. By welcoming volunteers from every walk of life. By ensuring the safety and well-being of all who come to God’s Love or who count on God’s Love. By being a safe haven for those who have never felt safe because of who they are or who they love.

For sure, I do not have all the answers. I am working with our staff to find the best path forward for God’s Love We Deliver during this painful time. I assure you that we are committed to justice, change and equality, and will do all that we can to advance these values in our workplace and City.

We stand with Black communities now and into the future. We demand changes in our systems that will lead to equal access and justice. Soon we hope to look back on these turbulent times and know that all the voices speaking out now have indeed changed our world. Along the way, we will be there as partners in the struggle.

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