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Welcoming Maria Eulo to the God’s Love Development Committee

God’s Love We Deliver is thrilled to share that Maria Eulo, a native New Yorker and corporate compliance professional, is joining the growing Development Committee, a sub-committee of the Board of Trustees. The Board Committees serve to lift the visibility of God’s Love and increase fundraising through ambassadorship by leveraging the networks of each individual member.

While working at a corporation that introduced Maria to God’s Love through volunteerism, Maria learned about her company’s financial commitments to God’s Love and participated in corporate volunteer shifts. She especially loved coming to the kitchen:

“I learned about God’s Love in the early 2000’s…I was just blown away by their mission and how they nutritionally support New Yorkers living with severe illnesses.” -Maria Eulo

On the Development Committee, Maria is looking forward to participating in fundraising and outreach efforts, and is especially excited about our services for veterans and those with mental health diagnoses.

Maria’s experience of having a parent who lived with mental illness helped to shape her desire to help those in need. While in graduate school at NYU, earning a master’s degree in public policy and non-profit management, Maria interned at a mental health association, and co-authored a publication dealing with public policy initiatives regarding geriatric mental health issues. Maria is also interested in working with our public policy team to help change the narrative on food and nutrition.

In 2009, God’s Love hired Maria as Manager of Foundation Relations. During this time, Maria used her love of writing to craft grant proposals for foundations to support our medically tailored meal program. As she reached out to more and more organizations, Maria became passionate about raising awareness about God’s Love and ensuring we reach those who need our services.

Maria is currently a compliance officer at Marsh McLennan, a professional services firm. Maria is also a member of the firm’s pro bono and volunteer committee. Before the “Military Mondays” pro bono program was halted due to COVID, Maria loved visiting the Veteran Affairs Hospital with the committee to meet with veterans to make sure they had access to all the services and benefits to which they were entitled.

Looking to the future, Maria would like God’s Love to be a household name throughout New York City.  She looks forward to finding different ways to raise funds and awareness:

“I hope to raise awareness, not just for donors, but for potential clients. I want to amplify how nutrition really helps our clients and makes them feel better.” -Maria Eulo

While Maria has continued to volunteer in the kitchen both on her own and with Marsh McLennan colleagues, she is excited to be involved in God’s Love again on a strategic level. She is ready to contribute to the strategic agency plan and be part of the growth and amplification of God’s Love.  Welcome back, Maria!

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23rd Annual Midsummer Night Drinks

God’s Love We Deliver and friends brought Provençal flair to the Hamptons for the 23rd Annual Midsummer Night Drinks hosted by Lisa and James Cohen, in partnership with GALERIE magazine.