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Welcoming New Volunteer Leadership Member: Ben Rosenberg

As we prepare to cook and home-deliver more than 4.3 million medically tailored meals this year, we are pleased to announce our newly elected Board of Trustees member. Please join us in welcoming Ben Rosenberg to our Board of Trustees!

Ben was first introduced to God’s Love We Deliver through his twin daughters Rebecca and Kathryn, who had volunteered previously in our kitchen. Ben and his family attended one of the New York City Wine & Food Festival dinners, where God’s Love is a charitable partner. At the dinner, Ben met God’s Love’s Chief Philanthropy Officer, Stephen Covello, and was moved to learn more about our work. Last Mother’s Day, Ben and his family volunteered in our kitchen. Ben quickly understood the importance of our work: that food is indeed medicine. He is delighted to take on a leadership role at God’s Love, an organization he has quickly come to cherish.

“I’m an advocate for the work that God’s Love We Deliver provides, cooking medically tailored meals for clients suffering from a wide variety of illnesses,” Ben says. “I love the holistic approach of serving the client’s family.”

Ben has a business background in software engineering solutions and consulting services to businesses and organizations. His company, which he sold in 2019, created system software products and services for Fortune 1000 companies, educational institutions, and governments, as well as pioneering remote replication of critical information systems, including business automation. His first job with computers was at Bronx Community College, where, as a faculty member, he programmed IBM 360/30 systems in Fortran.

“God’s Love is one of the few philanthropic causes where I would like to donate money, volunteer time, and raise awareness,” Ben says. “It’s such a vital need.”

Ben also supports the Lustgarten Foundation, which provides private funding for research on pancreatic cancer, and YPIE, which provides college guidance and mentoring for low-income students to attend college.

Ben holds a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science from City College of the City University of New York. He has been a general aviation pilot since 1977 and holds both a commercial license and an instrument rating. He is also an avid skier and loyal NY Giants, Rangers and Yankees fan.

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