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Wildcats Paving the Way!

When COVID-19 struck, in-person classes came likely to an end at Rye Country Day School, and so did track season. Suddenly, months of training and bonding with teammates vanished. Without his usual springtime anchor of practices and meets, tenth grader Yuto Abe decided to find a way to keep his team working together, all while doing good.

Yuto wanted to do something to directly impact vulnerable people in Westchester County especially at-risk for the coronavirus. During a quick Google search, Yuto found God’s Love We Deliver. Upon learning that we serve Westchester County, Yuto decided to create an online fundraiser for God’s Love, and invite his track teammates to join him in fundraising to fund meals for our clients.

In just a few short weeks, “Wildcats Paving the Way!,” the team Yuto created with Hudson Friedman, Ellie Stevens, Diego Morales, Jack Merrill and Peter Nicholas, has raised $10,523 funding more than 1,000 meals for our clients! Each teammate has gone out to family and friends asking for donations. Hear below from the team on why they’re supporting God’s Love.

“My name is Yuto Abe and I am currently in 10th Grade at Rye Country Day School in Rye, New York. During my leisure, I take pleasure in spending time with my family and friends, both in town and back in Japan! While I also enjoy playing the trumpet, I also take part in being active by playing Ice Hockey with my teammates and running long distances with my teammates from Cross-Country and Track and Field. If I were to describe myself in two words, it would be openness and care. An openness to care for others. Hearing daily news reports about COVID-19 cases, deaths, and so many others suffering from this time of crisis, I couldn’t sit there, vacantly listening to these reports. After determining to take action, I, fortunately, discovered God’s Love We Deliver and their efforts inspired me to invite my excellent team members to join me under one purpose: to help give lights of hope to those who truly need them the most during these nightmarish times.”

“My name is Hudson Friedman, and I’m a 10th grader at Rye Country Day School. I enjoy playing sports, acting, music, and connecting with nature. At RCDS, I play on the Football team and run Track. I have participated in nearly every running event on the track, but my favorite is the 400m. During this frightening pandemic, I started to think of ways I could help the less fortunate in our community. Partnering with God’s Love We Deliver has been a great way to get involved and provide direct relief to those in need. I feel their mission really speaks to me, and it is extremely relevant to our current crisis situation.”

“I’m Ellie Stevens, and I’m a Sophomore at Rye Country Day School. I play soccer on our school’s varsity team and an outside team, ice hockey, and run sprints and hurdles for track and field. By volunteering and assisting nonprofits, an individual serves to benefit not only those in need but themselves as well, for giving back to one’s community provides a sense of purpose and moral satisfaction. God’s Love We Deliver supports those in need through the distribution of meals, improving health as well as alleviating financial strain. Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, families more than ever require meals to assist them through the struggles of this pandemic in the wake of job loss and sickness.”

“My name is Diego Morales, and I am a Sophomore at Rye Country Day School. I use my free time indulging in movies of different genres in addition to fiction novels. I play for my school’s soccer, fencing, and am a sprinter for the Track and Field team. I believe that volunteering for and aiding non-profit organizations, such as God’s Love We Deliver, is an incredible way of helping those in need, especially during these challenging times. God’s Love We Deliver gives the opportunity to help families who need meals and ways to stay healthy while relieving possible financial issues.”

“I’m Peter Nicholas and I’m a Sophomore at Rye Country Day School. For my school, I play soccer, squash, and I do hurdles, long jump and triple jump for Track and Field. I believe in these troubling times everyone needs to do their part in protecting the disadvantaged. God’s Love We Deliver is an organization that provides meals as well as health and financial support for those in need. It is important to support those with underlying health conditions as they are the ones who are the most threatened by COVID-19.”

“I’m Jack Merrill, and I am a Sophomore at Rye Country Day School. On the Track team, I throw the javelin and run the 100 and 200-meter sprints. In addition, I play water polo at an international level. I want to volunteer because I see how much this pandemic has impacted everyone nation-wide and I believe that giving back to the community and to those in need will help us as a community get through this tough time. God’s Love We Deliver supports those in the greatest need right now through ensuring the health and well being of our most vulnerable.”

Thank you again to Yuto, Hudson, Ellie, Jack, Peter, and Diego for working so hard on behalf of our clients.

Go Wildcats!