Thanksgiving 2023

  • Regular Menu: Mark Bittman’s Smoky Braised Winter Squash Bisque Soup**; Roast Turkey with Gravy; Sweet Potato Mash, Cornbread Stuffing; Vegetable Medley of Carrots, Parsnips, Brussels Sprouts (donated by Heermance Farm), Pearl Onions; Apple Cranberry Relish; Crustless Pumpkin Pie with Graham Cracker Crumble. New on this year’s menu was our Smoky Braised Winter Squash Soup by Culinary Council member Mark Bittman, featuring our Smoke & Garlic spice from Burlap & Barrel
  • Vegetarian Menu: fall root vegetable casserole. Clients will receive the same sides and dessert as listed above.
  • Textured Menu: God’s Love is also offering minced and pureed Thanksgiving meals, to those clients whose medical conditions require those modifications.
  • ** denotes new menu items

This year, our Thanksgiving deliveries were up 25% compared to 2022. 

By the Numbers:

  • 15,000 holiday meals
  • 2,000+ volunteers
  • 7,300 gift totes with snack bags, dental care kits and personal care kits
  • 7,300 households
  • 800+ volunteer vehicles

What it takes to make our Thanksgiving meals

    • 10,000 pounds of turkey
    • 1500 gallons soup
    • 240 gallons gravy
    • 7500 pounds side vegetables (incl. 1,000 lbs brussels donated by Heermance Farm)
    • 2800 pounds of stuffing
    • 2800 pounds of yams

Our 2023 Thanksgiving Celebration was generously sponsored by:
Bruce Halpryn and Chas Riebe; Cris and Bruce Jaffe; Javier Morgado; Annie Chan, in loving memory of Ying Chan; Price Jepsen and Dean Lewallen; Carol Alexander; Luis Guerra and Florence Peyrelongue; The Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation; The Krumholz Foundation; the Binn Family Foundation in loving memory of Penny Binstock; L’Oréal USA and OUT@L’Oréal; Stewart Lantner, DDS & Joseph Goldberg, DDS; Bombas

Winter Feast 2023

  • Regular Menu: Board member Melba Wilson’s Braised beef with roasted vegetables**; vegetable medley of rutabaga, turnip, kale, red pepper, and wax beans; Heermance Farm Parsnip & Pear Soup**; and our Peppermint Crunch Cookie**, made with our Cocoa & Spice blend.
  • Fish Menu: Mango Glazed Salmon with Gloria Estefan’s Black Beans and Rice
  • Vegetarian Menu: Local portobello mushroom and vegetable casserole and all other components above
  • Textured Menu: God’s Love is also offering minced and pureed Winter Feast meals, to those clients whose medical conditions require those modifications.
  • ** denotes new addition to our Winter Feast

Special features to Menu:

  • Local butcher Hudson & Charles donated the bones for our beef stock
  • Beef is locally sourced form NY state farms and organic and grass-fed
  • Fish is wild-caught salmon and MSC-certified
  • 4,000 pounds of parsnips donated by local Heermance Farms!

This year, our Winter Feast deliveries were up 25% compared to 2022. 

By the Numbers:

  • 15,000 holiday meals
  • 7,000 households
  • 7,000 sets of utensils with the God’s Love logo (client gift)
  • Gift for kids
  • This winter we are delivering thousands of emergency meals for clients, in the event that we cannot deliver due to inclement weather

What it takes to make our Winter Feast meals

  • 15,000 meals
  • 4,750 pounds of beef
  • 700 pounds wild-caught salmon
  • 325 pounds of portobello mushroom
  • 7,500 pounds of side veggies
  • 4000 pounds of Heermance Farms parsnips
  • 14,700 Peppermint Crunch cookies
  • A whole lot of LOVE


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