Greg Wylvan, volunteer, Board member Melba Wilson, Steve Chaiken, & Orealia Thomas - Photo by Lydia Lee

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Delivering Warmth and Nourishment with Our Winter Feast

To ensure our clients feel special this December, we have cooked, and are home-delivering, a record 12,000 Winter Feasts! We thank Board member Chef Melba Wilson for sharing her fish stew recipe for our pescatarian menu, we thank our friends at Heermance Farm for donating 4,000 pounds of veggies, and we thank every single volunteer who gave so much time and care in to our Winter Feast preparations. This year our chefs prepared a delicious, hearty meal of Braised beef with cherries for clients on our standard menu, Chef Melba’s fish stew for our pescatarian clients, and Portobello mushroom casserole for clients on our vegetarian menu. Each meal comes with cauliflower puree soup, veggies, and our brand new Hot Cocoa Cookie, made with our Cocoa & Spice blend.

What it takes to make our Winter Feast meals

  • 12,000 meals
  • 3,900 pounds of beef
  • 600 pounds wildcaught cod
  • 260 pounds of portobello mushroom
  • 650 pounds of sustainable cod
  • 6,500 pounds of side veggies
  • 3250 pounds of cauliflower
  • 12,000 hot cocoa cookies
  • A whole lot of LOVE!

Our Winter Feast meal - Photo by Lydia Lee

Our entrees aren’t just delicious, they’re sustainable! Local butcher, Hudson & Charles, donated bones from grass-fed cows for our braised beef. Our cod is wild-caught and MSC-certified and our cauliflower puree soup and entrees came with veggies donated by Heermance Farm. With the highest quality ingredients going into each meal, our clients can taste and feel the difference! Along with their meals, our clients also received a set of special red potholders as their holiday gift.

We hope you’ll join us as we #CelebrateWithAPlate. When you sponsor Winter Feast meals, you will help provide comfort, joy, and sustenance to a neighbor living with life-altering illness. Sponsor Winter Feasts today and help us deliver love and cheer as we close out this year!