Tiles for Love

In 1993, God’s Love began our tile program to help fund the renovation of our then-brand-new kitchen. Fortunately, the tiles proved so popular that we decided to extend the program, ultimately selling more than 2,000 tiles, with all proceeds going toward the initiative. Later, in 2015, we launched another tile program called “1,000 Tiles for Love,” where 1,000 tiles were made available, purchased, and installed in the lobby of the new Michael Kors Building at God’s Love in SoHo.

Today, we invite you to participate in our newest “Tiles for Love” campaign, with all proceeds going directly to God’s Love We Deliver. Each tile will become a permanent part of our headquarters, displayed in a prominent place in the new God’s Love kitchen.

Additionally, tiles may also be purchased in honor of (or in memory of) a loved one. These special memorial tiles will bear the words “In Memory Of” preceding each honoree’s name.

Tiles are available for purchase according to the donation options below:

  • Violet: $15,000
  • Blue: $10,000
  • Green: $5,000
  • Yellow: $2,500
  • Orange: $1,000
  • Red: $500

Please email Ruth Schlossberg or call 212.294.8160 for more information.

**Please note that only a limited number of Tiles for Love are available so please purchase today to secure your Tile for Love!**

Photo of an actual tile!