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CowParade 2021

God’s Love We Deliver is excited to announce that the CowParade is coming back to New York City this summer with God’s Love as the exclusive charity partner!

If you were in the city in 2000, you likely recall the CowParade public art event during the summer of that year, which culminated in a live auction that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for New York City non-profits including God’s Love We Deliver.

The Mayor’s Office estimated that some 45 million people came to see the cows during the three months of the exhibit. CowParade began in New York and has gone on to stage another 90+ public art exhibits in 34 countries with more than 6,000 life size fiberglass cows painted and imaginatively transformed by many thousands of global artists and sculptors. God’s Love is thrilled to be staging the 100th global CowParade event this August.