Thought leadership:

Emily Jones MS, MBA, RDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and holds a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition from New York Institute of Technology and a Master’s in Business Administration from Dominican University.


Emily’s philosophy is that food has the power to nourish the body, awaken the mind and uplift the spirit. She believes that food can heal and what we put in our bodies matter whether we can see the effects immediately or later down the road. The goal is to have a harmonious relationship with food. Healthy eating is a daily choice; it takes effort and planning. Transformation is possible when people are fully engaged in the process of reaching a state of well-being.

As a nutrition professional, Emily views each client for the unique individual that they are.  At God’s Love We Deliver she works to customize her client’s meal plans to meet their needs and goals while allaying fears, building confidence, and instilling the belief that food can still be enjoyed during dietary change. Emily is committed to and enjoys providing clients with the knowledge and skills to achieve their healthiest self – a strong mind, body, and spirit.