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13,000 hearts

Our volunteers are truly our partners, and our heart. Their commitment to our mission and their individual and team efforts are absolutely essential in all departments of God’s Love We Deliver. Our volunteers are champions in every way because of their care and concern for our clients and community. Without the support of each and every volunteer we simply would not be able to do what we do for our clients year round.
This year, we were honored to work with a whopping 13,000 volunteers — and feel the love from their 13,000 hearts!

Here’s just a few impressive numbers about our volunteers in the last year:

  • 8,726 volunteered one time
  • 3,988 volunteered more than one time
  • 925 volunteered more than 12 times during the year
  • Gave 141,174 hours of service

And our volunteers worked in every capacity with every department! Check out some of the unique ways they gave back:

Walked hundreds of miles to deliver

Volunteers take to the streets every Wednesday and Friday to make walking deliveries to our clients. They also pair up with our van drivers to deliver!

Decorated 4,000 special Thanksgiving bags

Young folks and people all over turned their artwork in to heart work to decorated Thanksgiving bags for our clients

Built 1,500 Bead Bracelets

New to our catalog this year, our bead bracelets are a way for you to take God’s Love with you every where you go! A huge thanks to our volunteers from Bloomberg who built 1,500 of these!

Starred in our new Agency Video

A huge thank you to everyone who recorded their story for our new agency video.

"It is so specific, that it is the right food for the right client... and it goes with a lotta love." See our new video, celebrating our clients, volunteers, supports, and communities! Together, we can be there for our neighbors living with severe and chronic illness. Food is Medicine. And Food is Love.

Deep-cleaned our meal crates

While some people are taking their weekends off, the volunteers of Bloomberg just keep coming back! One Sunday in September, they deep-cleaned the meal crates we deliver in. What a huge amount of work, and we’re so grateful!

Traveled from near and (very) far to volunteer

Students from colleges and universities all across the country came to God’s Love to volunteer during their Spring Break, and Olga literally traveled across the world to volunteer!

Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, we are able to cook, package, and home-deliver 1.8 million medically tailored meals to our neighbors living with severe illness.