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A Tale of Two Ediths

We relish celebrating all of our clients’ birthdays, although there is something special about celebrating 100 and all the years after that. Believe it or not, we have two Edith S.’s on our program who are in that special 100+ club.

Our first Edith S. was born in upstate New York in 1916. Our second Edith S. was also born upstate, a few years later, in 1919. This Spring, we helped both Ediths celebrate birthdays beyond 100 with a personalized cake and hand-decorated card from God’s Love We Deliver.

The more senior Edith S. lives on the Lower East Side, where she continues to keep-up-to date with her greatest passion: politics. Every day she reads excerpts of The New York Times, which are selected for her by a friend.

The younger Edith S. lives in Greenwich Village, surrounded by posters from the dance company that she founded. She continues to make art, having recently become a film director. She has made multiple films.

Our Ediths are separated by the width of Manhattan, but connected by so much else, including the comfort they feel knowing they will receive healing meals from God’s Love. We’re honored to celebrate these inspiring women.