Raynes is a client of God’s Love. He’s also an artist. So when we were enlisting the support of local artists for this year’s CowParade, we knew Raynes would make a great contribution.
Raynes was diagnosed in 1995 with HIV/AIDS. Soon after his diagnosis, he started making art. “Art is the way I deal with problems that come up,” he says. “I use my paintings to not only tell a story about love, but about life.”

Raynes loves our meals, which have helped keep him healthy throughout the COVID crisis. “COVID came along and reminded people that they need other people. The help of strangers became important again. And God’s Love is one of those organizations… without them, it would have been impossible for a lot of people to make it. I know that God’s Love kept me alive.”

Hear from Raynes Birkbeck, CowParade Artist and God's Love Client

Raynes designed a Cow sculpture for the CowParade, and his Cow is currently showing on the roof of God’s Love. He puts all his heartfelt gratitude and passion into his work. “If I want to give it an emotion, a feeling, it’s hope.”

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