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From Dialysis to Home: Medically Tailored Meals for Ata Make all the Difference

Our client Ata immigrated to the U.S. from Ghana in 1974 when he was just 23. He studied nursing at Bronx Community College where he received his certified nursing assistant degree. Ata loved his profession of helping others. “That’s my nature. It makes me feel good,” says Ata.

Ata grew to embrace his adopted Bronx. Here was a place where he his family of six children grew to encompass 18 grandchildren and then two great-grandchildren. He developed a passion for the Yankees and loved to take his family to the Bronx Zoo.

But after retiring in 2010, his health began declining. Among the issues plaguing him were diabetes, glaucoma, high blood pressure and an enlarged prostate. By 2015 Ata was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and found himself on dialysis three times a week. Ata became easily fatigued and unable to stand for extended periods which included preparing meals at the stove. And that’s when God’s Love came into his life.

After receiving a kidney transplant in 2016 Ata found out about our balanced and nutritious meal service from a fellow transplant patient and immediately took to our meals.

Now, our number is one that Ata has proudly memorized: “212-294-8102”. He tells everyone about our service and feels good that he can help people get connected to us since he can’t do as much as he used to. He loves his meals and has a special place in his heart for his Thanksgiving meals and personalized birthday cake baked by Chuck the Baker.

As someone who has served so many for so long, Ata is particularly grateful to our volunteers who do so much to feed him and our other clients. To those volunteers Ata says,

“Thank you for helping those who can’t help themselves. I’m grateful for what I’m getting. Please continue what you are doing.”

Looking for more resources on chronic kidney disease? Download our Chronic Kidney Disease Fact Sheet (English) here and our Fact Sheet in Spanish here.

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