1.16.17 / Clients

Client Spotlight: Agnes

Our client Agnes recently celebrated her 95th birthday with a cake from Chuck the Baker. She lives in the same Queens home she moved in to more than 60 years ago. Just over a year ago, Agnes had a stroke that partially paralyzed the right side of her body. But her social worker suggested God’s Love and Agnes is thrilled to receive our meals. She lives alone, but enjoys the visits and phone calls from her son, her grandchildren, her great-grandchildren and even her two great-great grandchildren!

Agnes tells us, “I know I’m getting a wholesome meal when I get a meal from God’s Love. The soup! I’ve never had so many different types of soup! I enjoy it all! You can tell the food is homemade and that it is very good for me. I can feel how much better the food is making me.”

When sick seniors contact God’s Love, they find a community that cares deeply about them. Thank you for helping us help Agnes!

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