8.16.18 / Clients

“If anything is love, helping the sick with meals is it.”

“When Dad was diagnosed, it hurt. My wife’s family is large but very close knit, and he was a big part of it. He was a dynamic, smart, funny, vivacious person. So talented in whatever he did, from making prostheses to painting. He was an artist and also a source of comic relief in the family. He was driven. He had a vision of leaving the Philippines for greener pastures in the United States.

We tried to stay positive after his diagnosis. But Multiple Myeloma is no joke. It was rough. Dad had to have a stem cell transplant and be in quarantine while he had no immune system. We hoped that the treatment would work. And it did. For a little while. But we had to keep trying harsher treatment. That is when we needed help. Between care for Dad as things got worse, and travel, we didn’t have the time or resources to shop for food and prepare dinner. And when we did have food, it would be fast food or takeout and not nutritious.

So my wife started looking for help. And sure enough we found God’s Love We Deliver. And it was AMAZING. We could not have asked for more. They delivered so Dad could get rest, and the food was delicious and also good for him.

If anything is love, helping the sick with meals is it. We were so lucky to have found this organization… it took a load off my family while we were already dealing with so much and that effort will forever be remembered.

My family and I support the mission of God’s Love with all our hearts.”

~ Gabe, whose beloved father-in-law Buddy received healthy, individually tailored meals from God’s Love after being diagnosed with cancer.

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