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Client Spotlight: James

James grew up in the Bronx in a spacious apartment in Parkchester. He was an only child with a father who worked in advertising and a mother who stayed at home, raising him. In school, James excelled. He attended parochial schools and ultimately graduated high school near the top of his class. His tireless work ethic and craving for education helped him earn an undergraduate degree in journalism from Fordham University and an MBA from Manhattan, both with honors.

James was used to giving his all with his academics and his work but he still managed to find time for balance. Twenty-three years ago he left his Parkchester neighborhood and moved to a small studio apartment in Manhattan. James loves his neighborhood and community and has always been active in political and community affairs. He attends a local church and served as a lector during Sunday mass.

The successes that James had in his academic, professional and social life were many and he loved the richness of his life as a successful Manhattanite. James enjoyed a career in human resources and management. But just two years ago, when he started having difficulty keeping food down, he knew something was wrong. Several weeks later, he received his cancer diagnosis. His daily routine quickly changed and he started chemotherapy and radiation.

Everything that he had built so carefully and successfully changed. As James says, “Immediately my life began to revolve around medical appointments.” Managing his illness and treatments as extraordinarily difficult.

Luckily, a social worker told him about the services at God’s Love. James was thrilled to learn that our services were not solely for those living with HIV/AIDS, as they had been for years, but that our services were available also to those with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. After getting sick, James was often too tired and physically weakened to go to the store or deli for food.

Once on our program, James noticed a difference right away. Gone was the stress of having to think about how he was going to get his next meal. Gone was the stress of having to use his savings to pay for food. Gone was the frustration of working with difficult food packaging. God’s Love was there when he needed us most.

James says it best with, “The meals from God’s Love We Deliver are a triple bonus— helping me physically, emotionally and financially.”

Today, James is happy to see delivery staff and volunteers. “They have been and continue to be a huge morale booster for me,” he says. He also feels stronger thanks to the meals he receives, which are modified and recommended by the God’s Love registered dietitians he speaks with. James remarks, “My cholesterol and potassium numbers have consistently been even better than before I started cancer treatments— thanks to your healthy menus.” James has worked hard in his life and overcome obstacles. We are happy to know that he feels stronger and less stressed and that he enjoys his nutritious meals that are lovingly delivered by our volunteers. Thanks to James for telling us, “I know that God’s Love is to be admired for consistently delivering top notch services with finite resources and for making it seem effortless to those who are receiving your services. Bravo to your volunteers, staff and management!”

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