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Client Spotlight: Jimmy

Before our client Jimmy got sick, he put his heart and soul into caring for his family – his mother, his wife, Maritza, and their two teenagers. Born and raised in New York City, he loved sports – playing baseball and football – and his time as a student studying accounting at Hunter College.

But everything changed two years ago when he started feeling ill. His days were consumed with medical appointments as doctors sought the cause of his symptoms. Finally, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

Jimmy had always worked – from the time he was nine years old. Now, unless he has a doctor’s appointment, he spends his days at home. With Maritza having health issues of her own, they worry about carrying for themselves and their children. Finances are difficult. Luckily, Jimmy was referred to God’s Love through a social worker.

Now that Jimmy is living with cancer, he relies on God’s Love to help care for him and his children with nutritious, home-delivered meals. Every meal that Jimmy receives is tailored for him, his diagnosis, and his treatment. Additionally, his children receive well-rounded, child-friendly dinners. Jimmy loves the fresh vegetables so much, Maritza likes to joke that she’s “married to a rabbit.”

“Now that I have something good to eat, I feel better,” Jimmy says. “It’s good, knowing that we have food in the house. Without God’s Love, I wouldn’t have any other options. The volunteers and staff care. There are a lot more people who really need help and they should know that God’s Love is available.”

Every Thursday, he looks forward to greeting his delivery driver or volunteer. Life is a little easier now for Jimmy, Maritza and their children. Jimmy says, “It’s been a tough journey. But thank you, from me and my family.”

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