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Client Spotlight: Kareen

Kareen is living with lymphoma, and her four-year-old daughter Shanise has sickle cell anemia. Raising a sick child, along with Shanise’s two siblings, Clinton and Alaya, is difficult enough on its own. But Kareen was raising her children while working twelve-hour days as a Home Health Aide and studying to become a nursing assistant. Then, she was diagnosed with lymphoma.

Chemotherapy and radiation left her weak and exhausted. Severe neuropathy in her hands made cooking almost impossible. Kareen was in the hospital when a social worker mentioned God’s Love We Deliver.

“I had no other options, and no one else could help out when I could no longer cook meals for my family,” Kareen
told us. Now, Kareen and her beautiful family receive nutritious meals delivered to their door from God’s Love. All of her meals are tailored to meet Kareen’s specific medical requirements, and the special meals for her growing children are full of wholesome, delicious ingredients.

“I’m just now starting to get some of my strength back. It’s been such a relief to have the food from God’s Love.”
Having recently started the school year, Kareen now doesn’t have to worry about her children going to school hungry. Shanise, her big brother Clinton, and her big sister Alaya all say that their God’s Love breakfasts help them get a good start to their day and stay focused at school. They like coming home to dinner from God’s Love, too. Their three favorite entrées from our kitchen are Chicken Casserole, Beef Goulash, and Italian Meatballs. In fact, Alaya said, “The best food in the world comes from God’s Love We Deliver!”

As the school year continues, we would like to take a moment and say thank you. You make a difference for people like Kareen and her children. You guarantee that God’s Love remains, as it has for the past 30 years, a dependable
source of nutrition and strength for so many of our vulnerable neighbors who are living with serious illnesses.

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