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Client Spotlight: Kate

Our client, Kate, was living the fast-paced life known so well by New Yorkers. For years, she worked as an analyst on Wall Street, and retired happily at 40 years old. But then she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As she lost her ability to care for herself, her health continued to decline, and she endured three bouts of cancer. Kate was constantly in and out of the hospital, and her savings evaporated. She was so sick and malnourished, she did not even have the strength to get out of bed and prepare a meal. That’s when she decided she needed help, and reached out to God’s Love

“When I finally called God’s Love I was fighting stage-4 cancer and multiple sclerosis. I’d lost 60 pounds, and wasn’t eating properly due to a lack of energy and financial concerns. All that my doctor wanted was for me to eat more. But that’s easier said than done.”

Immediately, Kate began receiving wholesome, individually tailored meals delivered to her door. She was finally eating right for the first time in years. Since she has been on our program, Kate’s doctors are pleased to find that she has gained 25 pounds and can now adhere to her treatment plan.

Kate tells us, “My life is completely turned around. Eating daily, I now have so much more energy. Joy is part of my life again.”

Today, Kate spends time with her cat, writes in her journal, and looks forward to the day ahead, which she had stopped doing for so long. Thanks to you and your support, she is getting stronger day by day, with the help of her community.

Kate says, “I don’t know how to thank you for what you did for me during the worst time in my life. Thank you for saving my life.”

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